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FFXIV: Payment Process Issues - Square Enix First Reponse

Himsanity_11181: They didn't specify doing anything about region locking out players who are unable to change region.
fenrislokison4569: They should also remove the demolition timing from housing until this is fixed.
Corack4: man i love this game, but you`d think a company would make it as easy as humanly possible for me to throw my money at them...
RzK084: My issue is, as soon as I click on anything that requires a purchase (Crysta, optional items, anything) it immediately asks me to confirm my address then tells me it's invalid even though it's the same address for over 7 years. I can't even get to the option to use Paypal or anything. Their support team has been completely useless.
chilosopher4856: Giving Money to SE (Ultimate)
cordeliacentauri1737: You know, this company is kind of horrible at doing their business plans when they switched from an old horrible payment system to a newer less options horrible payment system. What.
raerae3682: Thank you keeping us updated! I am one that can"t use my Visa Debit card. I'm about 2 steps away from just quitting so frustrated!
Okay_mate: SE doing SE things.
calebnelson58: How do they screw up payment plans to their game when the expansion releases in Early Access next month?
SquigglyDestroyerofWorlds: Really feels like they did not think this change through
joshuawhiting7617: What a f**king joke
Autumnfaery2003: They should have left well enough alone. I will leave the game if SE cannot pull it together. This will be the straw that breaks the spell....

May 08 2024

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