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FFXIV: Payment Changes Leaving Many Unable To Play The Game

Wastingsometimehere: I love how todays FF14 Drama was caused by the billing department. Only Square has decided to always make it harder to pay them.
CaptainKacknup: Customer: Shut up and take my money

Square Enix: No
NightofOrion: People have moved countries, some people have someone else pay their subscriptions and so therefore the address won’t match, like you mentioned some players’ countries just aren’t available at all. This whole situation is just beyond the pale and unacceptable really.
dains6623: The way SE do some things is so ancient
TaylorWebb87: The website does not need a "fresh coat of paint." What the site needs is a complete bulldoze and fresh start.
MattBrain9336: If they don't get this fixed before Dawntrail, I'll just ask for a refund of my pre-order
DavidCruickshank: When a corporation makes it hard for you to give them money, you really need to question how fundamentally broken the corporation is.
XieRH1988: thank you for bringing this to light, SE really needs to address this issue before it starts leading to an impact on sales for dawntrail

long time fans who support the game will tough it out, but theres a huge hidden majority of potential new players who aren't as forgiving and could just as easily walk away
snaek12: I hope steam pay will not go away...
byokero: BTW, SQEX support is useless with the address problem as the only answer they give is "create a new account"
nerdychocobo: ohhhhh, this is why it took so many attempts to try and resubscribe this month. Even after changing my card I kept getting stuck in an endless loop where it just wouldn't take me to the next page. thank fully the next day it worked so I was able to play again but it was so infuriating
Dr.Strangelewd: Knowing Square, they'll fix it as soon as they notice a dip in earnings.
hundset: Far as I can tell you're the only content creator that regularly covers this game that has made a video at this time of writing... thank you.
Verpal: TBH some teething issue during major change is always expected, the main problem is the complete silence from SQEX.
Hopefully it is due to golden week in Japan, instead of SQEX think situation is ''working as intended''.
619ver1: Its super ANNOYING, i can not even USE credit card as a payment options anymore, despite having my card and account on the same billing address. I had to rewire my sub through stream to even play and its annoying.
GoblinatingGoblinator: I had an error after trying to buy glamour items sent in a ticket, they just basically said to turn off vpn and try clearing catches and cookies and wait a day. Turned off vpn, clear my stuff and waited two days just to make sure the whole 24 hours did pass, it was all good after that.
CorpusInsanus: It's a good day to have FFXIV through Steam, hope this can get resolved for everyone else soon
cordeliacentauri1737: I've been playing this game since beta 4 invite for 10 years now. 10 YEARS. SQEX had the time to go and make as much payment method as available as possible for their paying customer and what did they do? They restrict more. I'm really surprised this company isn't bankrupt yet. Also they need to decouple the online account from FF11. I have a hunch that they refuse to change the region nonsense account because of FF11 is sharing the same account system management.
hamakakun: FF14 are never SEA player friendly. Only Singapore are included in the services country. Until then, I would avoid resub to FF14 to avoid account lock out like this issue.
extinctbaryonyx: A lot of my friends in SEA is experiencing this and most have expressed that they would officially gonna quit the game sadly. Because currently there's no workaround regarding the Dawntrail preorder/buy. Its ridiculous on SquareEnix part.
KanetsidohiKanotoush: This kind of things is really bad for companies which offer goods which are not essential because once you break the cycle of addiction, some customers won't return in a long time, or ever
aceandrews7778: I saw this coming everysince they last did payment changes but seriously they gotta update their website,its user unfriendly and confusing
asteronnova9166: Since I'm Dutch and a majority of Dutch people (that I know) have no credit card including myself, I've had to buy game time through crysta via paypal from the beginning. It works perfectly, though it is a bit of a roundabout method. It's funny to see people basically demoted to the life of a Dutch FFXIV player with this change. Hope it'll be fixed quick!
Genesisxx: I'm NA and my debit card no longer works and it was one of the cards they said would be fine. I had to buy crysta via PayPal to continue my sub, but I'm worried about those who cannot resub at all.

May 08 2024

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