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FFXIV New Updated Dawntrail Benchmark Release Date Details!

SniperKing-O: Just look at that polished Lala chin!
Dieci-9: Amazing video, Meoni. I really like what the devs have been doing. Still amazed at what better lighting can achieve. I still hope they will start adding beards and allow us to change more stuff around when calling the esthetician.
dains6623: The sample images look way better
fredxu99: The human male face that they're showing definitely feels less uncanny valley in the new update. Like, the old one looked like they were trying to go for some kind of realism and it was failing and making it look almost creepy. FF14's character models have always been highly stylized with this 3D anime feel and I'm glad they're keeping it like that going forward.
Chittysushi: So I should probably run the benchmark again after this gets an update then? My Viera already looked good but the real question is where are my headgear options?
WhyrenGP: i'm glad they're adding a quest for a free fantasia, not because i am a cheepskape but because it meant they've learned from the pokemon go disaster.
alenacheka: Wow new adjustments look great
bes12000: All I really care about is if they fixed the moon cat fangs, lol
wetw0rk14180: The previous broken benchmark was a blessing. The feedback that followed as a result has brought
so many improvements. I was one of those that wasn't happy with how my WoL looked in game and with these changes she should look great again. I can't wait to try the new benchmark now.
asterfield02: I got downvoted in reddit every time I brought up the dark lines around the eyes on Hyur men... I'm glad SE is fixing it.
Strider_Shinryu: Overall great updates. I will admit being a little worried that they still aren't showing updated Vieras and Hrothgars. Those were the source of some of the most common complaints and we all know that Viera and Hrothgar don't exactly get equal attention from the devs. I don't even play either myself but it would really suck if, say, the Viera noses stayed as being more human looking than rabbit looking.

Jun 02 2024

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