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FFXIV Mythbusters How TALL is a Telegraph? This and six more Myths and Questions!

Sand_Storms: An important thing to note for the Bone Dragon specifically is that LoA was originally set up to require two tanks per party, so for this fight you'd have five off-tanks that could pull the skeletons to the edges. It was only changed to one tank per party when the alliance raid roulette was added in Heavensward.
steveh1474: The first myth about dark knight could have been miscommunicated, no? Im reading it as... what if you triggered the first step, and somehow filled your hp bar without receiving healing? Would you die?

Yes you would! In palace of the dead, its possible to die and trigger the effect at level 51, kill one enemy with one GCD, which would not heal you, but gain the level to 52, which fully heals you! And then you die, 5 seconds later, because you did not receive enough healing.

Level ups are not heals. In fact, we could also test this just next month in dawntrail, by gaining a level while walking dead by killing the first boss of the level 91 dungeon!
ViviCaligo: Okay but i would love a video going over how the CT raids were intended to be done.
BriahnAznable: The verticality of Eureka Orthos makes for some fun “is this gonna hit me? Am I gonna hit them?” moments

Typically happens more often on those early floors with the ramps. Watching this vid does make me question the logistics of it even more so
idminister: on LotA dragon, as an ARR player who did this when it was new content
due to the dragons big cone it was pulled to edge, and skeles were killed 1 per square
also remember back then it was 2 tanks per party; so 5 tanks whose sole role for that fight was to pull and place skeles on a square

also the 4 towers duing behemoth were maned by tanks, they would reset the tower at 2 charges

final boss had a different name (same model and mechanics)

syrcus tower: got to see all of the mechanics of boss 1, and 2..... what is not seen now: boss 1 a more powerful flare that to survive all 3 energy pillons need to have 3 electric orbs take to and then during the big cast a shield will be erected around boss to contain the attack, boss 2: an add phase with the ff13 big hand mech adds that once killed activate hopping pads to islands outside arena and parties kill adds there and island hope until boss finishes its ultimate then jump back
grottosstuff: Art of War being a gain on SCH is actually a very sick reference to FF3 Scholar
Sparksol: Did a run today at the Bone Dragon in a MINE group, and we ended up having to do that whole thing with one skeleton to a platform.
Duillieth: That bone dragon bit is wild. Reminds me of the first time I actually saw the launcher mechanic on Glasya Labolas, and that I still have no idea what the weird energy collection thing in Scylla does.
sarajohnsson4979: Oh, and an interesting thing about the Art of War thing - if you haven't completed the job quest that unlocks Broil, the tooltips for Art of War and Ruin2 still gets updated with their new, increased, potencies at level 54. If the actual damage also changes to match (I think it does, but don't actually remember), this would make each of them an unambiguous gain on 1 even without autoattacks. Of course unlocking Broil and using that is even better, assuming you've reached Heavensward
CatDamona: I guess I didn't wait for enough Increased Sentences to have Ramuh do wipe damage back when I did my tests. Nice find.
FatMan2539: The funny thing to me about Art of War being a (level dependent) gain on 1 is I've gotten into the habit - at least on SCH and even SMN of actually going in and initiating auto attacks regardless of level. I know it's likely never going to make a real

Jun 04 2024

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