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FFXIV Mythbusters | Dragon Sight's Left Eye STACKS?!

Cassapphic: Dragon sight left eye stacking is really weird, I knew left eye stackedf with right eye if 2 dragoons had enough gay tension to buff each other but I never would've thought the that both dragoons could left eye the same target for stacking buffs.
Nemuriss: I remember finding out about Dragon Sight stacking because of pure memes. Idr what alliance raid it was but me and the FC were meming around in our own party and we all just decided to collectively Dragon Sight the one person that chose to be a Monk instead. This was back when the tether still existed so it was pure hilarity because we were like "DONT LOSE MONK, WHERE IS THE CHILD LEASH?"
paddyofernitaur6459: For myth five they could also have confused "Jump" with "High Jump" or the other "Dive"s since those are attacks that move you.
TheIvoryDingo: I honestly would've be VERY surprised if Dragon Sight remained unchanged in Dawntrail before I saw the quirks about it in this video and now I'd be even more surprised if it didn't happen
steveh1474: "Most bosses dont care about your vertical position"

Okay, do you wanna test this one? Fate bosses and elite hunts! How high can you fly above them before they stop hitting you? Will large bosses like formidable hit higher than small bosses like alaimbert of the spiked butt?

Get another player to hold aggro on these bosses while you fly around above their aoes to see what happens.
brontome: Would 7 dragoons change the math for the largest hit possible?
orciencor6001: I have no idea if it has any myths connected, but one mechanic I've been curious about is multiple different Bard songs at the same time: Do they stack? Overwrite? Randomly flip between each other (because this is what you see the icons doing). How DO they interact when you've got multiple bards singing different (or maybe even the same) things?
silasisawesome: A sproutling friend of mine after I had told him Excogitation is counted as a 'HoT' by the game, in that it scales off spell speed, he asked if the same was true of Wildfire. Not remembering if you had tested it in one of your videos, as inspired by these videos, I simply encuraged him to test for himself by trying a few times without speed melds and a few times with, which he did. Although the sample size wasn't that big, the results did match what would be expedted of the difference of the two speed tiers for someone of that level. With how prevalent wrong information is about this game, I'm very glad your videos encurage people to not just take things they hear for granted and to instead think about how they can find out for themselves what is or isn't true.
phiefer3: If I had to guess, the odd behavior of dragon sight is almost certainly leftover from when it still involved a tether. And I would also assume that this is because dragon sight's functionality is probably based more on the functionality of cover, avail and other tether-based skills. For example, back when pets could still be targetted and take dmg, I would assume that using cover on a summoner would not also cover their pet, which would line up with dragon sight being the only buff that doesn't affect pets. Likewise, iirc if multiple blu mages all avail the same character before an aoe, then the common target would receive the dmg from all of them, which matches up with multiple dragon sights stacking on the same target.

They may have removed the visual tether and range requirement, but most likely it's still coded as a tether mechanic under the hood. And actually, I wouldn't be surprised if there was still a maximum range, but it was just set to something massive that would never come up in a real scenario.
Nazuiko: One thing I know for sure works, im not sure if it counts as "snapshotting" but if it does, then Eos - and presumably, all pets - DO
theopeneyes: I can also see that tank myth coming from misunderstanding what Potency means from tool tips and that tank dps doesn't "feel" that much lower than regular dps when playing solo.

May 10 2024

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