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FFXIV Moogle Treasure Trove Genesis Part 2 Rewards Whats Worth Farming?

sakramesh8985: The only thing im gonna farm is queue lines from these DDOS
Berserker604: a bonus with the Behemoth Heir is you can use it to spawn the hunt S-Rank Kaiser Behemoth in Coerthas Western Highlands
Reinshark: When you rotate to demonstrate the items, please keep the rotation speed slow! I was starting to get dizzy watching the camera spin sometimes.
CHIPICHIPICHAPACHAAPA: stackable treasure maps for events but not outside of it just makes me mad. if its possible why is it not a thing by default. why does my retainer have to be stacked with treasure maps for a million just so i dont have to mail them xD
astrealove2247: I already have everything on the list, but the treasure maps are really nice.
loki_lokasenna: Thanks for the video! (The spinning made me feel a little sick though X.X)
MojigangaXBL: Awesome video! Thank you so much for showing the items and doing the price/time comparison. I’m a new player and this is so helpful.
Spamhard: This is super helpful, cheers! I only started a month or so back so I've been trying to google all the items to see how to get them normally but it's a slog to find them all. As a sprout I'll probably be investing in most the mounts and minions for sure.
pinsandscrews6459: Fisher Retainers are absolutely worth leveling. I have made over 6mil gil in just minions that my Fishing retainer has brought back over the last year. They are also the minion that brings me the least amount of "crystals" and "Roofs"
Brooke-dy7gx: Okay I know this is random but I'm glam obsessed and was curious what the shorts are for your RDM glam?

May 18 2024

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