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FFXIV me preparing for the 30th raid wipe of the day

maia1525: the lalafell voice almost made me choke on my chips LMAO
MeltyVampire: The fire casting was pretty clever
derryair9419: The late Fire 1 precast hurt my soul
baystorm94: Exquisite shitpost sir, very nice.
Xport9: Brother has all the job in one - including a potato.
estinien: this isnt the ten min bass boosted moogle noise compilation i was promised
kyugreywolf6801: The drum sound LOL
Too good. Thanks for the laugh
MintyScreen: exceptional
LurkerGene: Leylines into to fire precast got me ngl
thiccie-chan447: the lalafell voice activated my fight or flight response
Hex430: the leylines are way too high effort LOOOL you cooked

May 09 2024

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