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FFXIV Level 100 Artifact Job Gear My Thoughts

Kat1kafka: Wish they'd give the paladin a full helmet instead of another crown
dumbitc11: the black mage staff with the cat is *chefs kiss*
hagetsuuu: that guitar bow is so sick
SunTriste: I agree so much on machinist aeither packs, either give us option to remove them or change design nghhhh
mmmmsashimi: The Bard set is giving 80's rocker/rolling stone vibes
rfactor1502: Something to remember is that this is also the expansion with two dye channels. These have probably been built with that in mind.
SageTigerStar: i actually looooove that DNC set.
(also, the faux-hair on helmets is called a "plume")
WafflesHouse8993: As a Gunbreaker fan, I adore this set. It's exactly what I am looking for, personally. The pants provide a perfect amount of visual contrast which plays off of the collar. 10/10
MirandiLuna: I quite like the whm robe. It looks quite a bit more masculine than most other artifact sets we've gotten, and while those feminine robes tend to look great on female chars, I'm not a fan of them on my male chars most of the time.
andyoh1987: is it just me, or does the af gear sets for dawntrail seem very reminiscent of the af gear sets from arr?
white mage, in particular, seems like just an upgraded design of the arr gear set? regardless, i like the set!
Alissandre_Iskander: This set of monk gear is the first one I’m excited to play with. I like pieces from other relic sets, but never as a whole.
Edit: WAR needs more hammers, imo.
sleepfishl: Scholar doesn't get a Robe? THANK YOU!!! Gor once I'm actually happy xD
AthenaPrime: "Why would you add a guitar to a bow?" My good being--WHY WOULDN'T YOU? I'm getting some Stevie Ray Vaughn vibes mixed with 80s Hair Metal from the BRD set this time and I am HERE for it! Now if only they'd give us a metal headbanger's hairstyle to go with it. And a Devil Horns emote. And an air-guitar emote. and a headbang emote... and a "let's get the band back together for a reunion tour" sidequest, maybe?
oljeff182: Putting the axe in front out the outfit so you can barely see half of it for WAR was a decision
WaltRBuck: The dragoon hair piece makes perfect sense when you realize it's actually just a mop whose purpose is cleaning up the tears of dragoon after another floor tank.
scantor8648: That is a singular black wing on the scythe. Sephiroth fight confirmed!

May 20 2024

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