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FFXIV How I Am Preparing For Dawntrail Some Useful Tips?

Felodontis: I think it's more likely we'll get a new hunt currency instead of using nut sacks again. Ever since Heavensward we've had a new currency every two expansions, and with Dawntrail being the start of a new story arc, i think it makes sense to move to a new one.
JoaoPedro-td8pj: they really need to do a major revamp of the inventory, currency and glamour systems. Is really stressful for me to always have to clean everything and keep count of the limit of glamour and such. They either can give us a bigger, more organized inventory or could simply revamp the glamour system, so we could have as much as we want, and change on the go, without the glamour dresser.
ReaperTheRogue: Materiel Containers only have Mounts and Minions, they do not have any glam items
shaheenaevelga8604: Dont farm the Credendum Gear 660 IL. Just wait for DT Launch. It will become tradeable for Poetics. Always does, always will. Much easier than to grind for it.
KekeliKeli: Since I've already leveled all the jobs and am a filthy casual, I will be going through a full NG of everything from ARR through EW, including the raid stories, alliance raids, trials, and Hildibrand. Currently in Stormblood and so far, I have one fairly controversial discovery. If you DON'T include the patches, base HW is not as good as you remember. Base Stormblood is much better than you remember. Their endings/patches very much colored everyone's memories of the base expansion, including my own!

Highly recommend that people do this, especially if you're like me and had a prior fantasia addiction and only just now locked down your character.
camposforce93: Do you think they will keep nuts as currency? I think they will change it.
marumarunoods: Thing about Hunts; we probably are going to get a new currency with Sacks of Nuts going unused for Dawntrail and onwards. ARR had Allied Seals, HW/STB had Centurio Seals, SHB/EW had Sacks of Nuts. It's safe to say DT/8.0 will share a new currency.
TheDaxter11: I don't think Dawntrail will use sacks of nuts. Base game had Allied Seals, then HW swapped to Centurio Seals which SB also used, then SHB swapped to Sacks of Nuts which Endwalker also used. Going by that pattern its more than likely we'll be getting a new currency for it in DT that will also be used in the expansion after.
Shizuma: The really prep for me is clearing inventory slots for all the new stuff.
elKinesis: Wouldn't it make more sense to use all or most bicolor gems before starting up DT Shared FATES, as you'll cap gems multiple times doing the FATES anyways?
PatrickPereiraVieira04: #1 priority - free up your bag space

May 23 2024

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