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FFXIV Fashion Report Friday Week 330 Suited to Slacking

shadowwordpain3138: Happy to see this video in my notifications just as I sit down for coffee!
HolidayHeart777: Always appreciate these videos!! Keep up the good work
Tressym66: Hmm, the ring and jacket didn't work for me, only got a 78. And yes I had every slot filled.
Cyatkiten: Can you do a video on us still not being able to purchase anything off the online store? Like it keeps saying card unavailable....and like square isn't even talking about wen their gonna fix it.....I feel frustrated.....not knowing what's going I don't have an Amazon account.....and crytilla u need a credit card and even that doesn't work......
acehealer4212: A suit jacket and comfortable bottoms. When you are home and making a video call for work.
shadowsin05: Thanks
Onhyx27: Happy to see this on my feed the day I decide to log back in for the free Login Campaign. Happy to see it’s a pretty easy one. Thanks!
devilfall9393: Everything worked for me, although I mistakenly put the ring in the wrong slot and got 94, redid it for 100.
leocreuu3254: How do you get the jackpot two buff
lanceripplinger8352: Thank you so much for the weekly fashion report!

May 27 2024

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