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FFXIV Dawntrail Job Action Trailer REACTION Black Mage

142crystal: Seeing the confusion of twitch chat, Flare ALREADY has a reduced cost from All MP if you have three Umbral Hearts, so you can cast it twice and then swap back with a Blizzard III to regain MP. Now in Dawntrail this can be a full Fire combo instead of Fire Fire Ice, it's now Fire Fire FIRE.
RockR277: Moving leylines is nice, but honestly I'm excited for instant paradox in fire. Cuz I'm bad and occasionally drop fire.
ronnymahendra9035: Ah yes

Fire and Fire and Fire Fire
Fire and Fire and Fire Fire
nightspark43: For reference, Manafont gave back the Umbral Hearts.
Steve-YT383: Yoshi-P caught in 4k
Ultimus31: I am so excited to be a wizardry pinball bouncing around the entire arena with my ley lines in tow.
juicegirl2696: I really thought the new gauge was the aetheric chart, little did I know that lightning earth ice water and wind were all replaced by fire.
BlazeIgnitus: I think that spell with the six things in the new gauge is Meltdown. It looks a lot, in particular, like the Meltdown spell as used in the Dissidia games, at least, by Terra.
alanepithet2931: Some quick clarifications: Black Mages will be able to move their leylines exactly once per cast; apparently it just replaces the LL button entirely.
The thing used just before triplecast-> Flare -> Flare-> MegaFlare that refreshed the paradox and umbral hearts was Manafont; likely this means it got a significant buff to make it appealing to use.
The trade-off for the new hotness is that nonstandard lines are being seriously hampered if not entirely murdered with the changes to mana regeneration being locked to ice spells cast, rather than mana ticks while in Ice phase.

Oh, and Flare has always had a special interaction with Umbral hearts; 'Consume all currently available umbral hearts to reduce the mana cost of Flare to 30% of your mana bar'. This is why the current AoE rotation as of Endwalker contains back-to-back flares without any ice spells or mana regen in between.
XernuhtZwei: Main takeaways:

Leylines can be moved once per set. Amazing for Prog.
Paradox maybe is insta-cast for both phases now?
Another Polyglot for more Xenoglossy/Foul.
New lightning spell, doesn't spend alternate resources, not sure what do. Possible new animation for spending of Thundercloud?
Manafont now refreshes Fire timer, Paradox and Umbral stacks on top of MP.
New Fire spell, gonna call Meltdown. Requires 6 F4s or 2 Flares to charge. No MP cost since it follows Despair and Flare in both uses, also doesn't refresh Fire timer. Likely locked to Fire phase.
inzodia3332: my first thought on the new fire phase finisher was "That's Terra's Meltdown from Dissidia!"

May 23 2024

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