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FFXIV Dawntrail Benchmark Update What Changed? Trying It Out

beatrixkaelin5120: Other Things that have changed: If you copy your character's info from your Game files in, more of the Aesthetician Hairstyles were upscaled and given proper shadowing as well.
SayaViking: They also changed to the nature shots actually have rayleigh scattering (I think that's the term), so the nature that is further away from you now have a more blue hue to indicate distance, something that the old one didn't have which meant it felt kinda much but now it is easier to digest as it is a bit more separated in a nice way.
LittleMissLanna: I also saw a few complaints around Miqote faces, i.e certain faces. It's unfortunate about the seams, BUT I am so sure that the devs can fix it! I'm super happy with all the changes they made.
Wilaeus: It seems small, but I'm SO glad they added attack animations to the voices you can test in character creation. I have a playlist FULL of videos of emote and battle voices for every race and gender (thanks Shade's Game Source!) that I come back to whenever I make a new character lol
PersonalDas: the limbal rings on my aura look so much better than last benchmark
jakekate4992: The hair still look dead.
Jay-mx5ky: Meoni on the first benchmark: "Wow this looks great!"

Meoni on the second benchmark: "Wow this looks great!"

Jokes aside, I'm very happy that people seem to like this new benchmark, and since these changes are carrying over to the expansion, we're ALL getting a better game for being loud and nitpicky about feedback.
niksolu: the real question ist where the media tour stuff is
Squallcloud95: I do not care about the graphic update but must admit it looks waaay better!
gembardon2486: Guys are we getting new hairstyles in the expansion or not I thought we were

Jun 04 2024

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