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FFXIV Dawntrail Benchmark Update Details!

blackwhistyle: We need Beards just more facial hair options that aren't locked behind a certain face
Avenaur: These are really good changes, glad feedback got taken seriously
joystickjunkie5113: I didn't have a problem with the original remodeling. But after seeing the new ones im glad people were complaining thanks !!
HyouVizer: their eyes dont look dead inside anymore huzzah /victory
randomgenretalk8151: I wish you could lock hairstyles to glamour plates that allows you to switch hairstyles every time you switch your glamour.
Runic-Raven: They announced the announcement of the Delay of the delayed Benchmark :D Jokes aside, i am glad they revisited the character creator. Some Characters i had saved looked Hideous with the new Character graphics and the old lighting.
beastineden: Been lurking for years. Maybe I’ve already said this, but the physical change you’ve undergone is insane!! Great job man.
cyphi474: They should, at least, add more options to character creation. More faces, more ears, more everything. I understand limitations, but from this perspective, XIV is WAY behind competition. I dont expect complex character creator like in BDO(like example), but more variety would certainly added to the game, because in the end, all player characters looks the same.
soulechelon2643: Don't mind a delay to fix issues. Definitely gonna check out the updated benchmark Monday and see if my Hrothgal looks any different - though I do like what I went for so far. That said I now fully realize what Hrothguys have been dealing with all this time. Legit hope at some point they detach hair from specific heads, and some of the coloring options feel limiting too.

Jun 02 2024

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