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Dawntrail Job Action Trailer Reactions Breakdown! FFXIV

calmr5011: I always get so excited when woops posts, it’s like taking drugs kinda
CyberSoldier101: Suddenly MCH becomes Gundam Heavyarms and I'm TOTALLY here for that
Xion_Stellar: I really appreciate the Breakdown for the rest of us who didn't watch the Live Letter.
TheKarishi: "I just press whatever's glowing, NGL"
You are playing Dancer optimally.
SNAFUq: Lol developers got tired of people talking trash about Scholar’s last job action trailer and said “Screw it, you’re an angel now.”
inksmears: Oh the editing on this one was peak! Amazing job, Jill! I also always appreciate Woops' enthusiasm for the job trailers and changes. Ends up making me more excited when I listen to the breakdowns.
SuperSquall42: I absolutely love that black mage whacks its new fire skill with its staff.
f4kes4lt: Really loving this reaction into breakdown style. Good shit!
MortalSora: I like that the new summon looks like Bahamut and Thanatos from Persona 3 had angry sex and that thing is their offspring
Bladehound83: Finally, Hellfrog Large.
roronoa1243: Changing the monk rotation from 2 2 3 to 2 3 4 with dragon kick, twin snakes, and demolish each giving you charges that you spend on bootshine, true strike, and snap punch actually makes their full rotation EVEN LONGER so I don't really know why monk mains would be complaining about their gimmick being removed, if anything its class identity is solidified even more.

May 18 2024

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