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Dawntrail and the New Era of FFXIV Media Tour

COA5T: The Media Tour floodgates have opened. RIP my YouTube inbox.
yatak1000: I like to think Yoshi P sits in Mike's stream spamming ratJAM too.

Great video, gonna listen to interview at work later! Praise chat bubbles!
daviddavidson2834: the fake kidnapping deserves an award
arravadin: So happy to see Preach get invited to media tour.
csrjjsmp: Did yoship just ask preach out on a date live on camera
bloorulez: MY MAN MADE IT Pog
MatthewKorpas: That's really cool SE went the extra mile to get you an interview with Yoshi P. Good on them.
virginialusiani: When you talk about the bright loading screen, it really sound funny lol I'm one of those dark mode ppl and I thank you for bringing that up, bc for some ppl like myself, that kind of brightness really hurts... I'd like to add that this topic could be associated with acessibility, bc there are ppl who have different sensory processing, mostly neurodivergents :)
Navi_xoo: The ending part about failure is very important. I hope they've truly noticed it because the game had become way too safe in SHB / EW. I still enjoyed the expansions and the story but the the majority of the gameplay content was too simple. The removal of exploratory mission and safer mechanic design in EW really hurt the xpac.

Jun 07 2024

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