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Cleaning Up Old Raid Achievements Getting Every Achievement in FFXIV 27

chicorypent: Midlander of the Week: RIGHT
ntolman: FYI when Cider says "over the course of several years" he means the better part of a decade. Leves alone will take a minimum of 7 years. I'm not sure if there achievements for them but it takes that long to complete all of them. I could be wrong though.
Kitsune-Chaos: Always a big fan of SE not forgetting that Kefka exists.
One of the best FF main villains.
jonnye_8484: "Sage is worse Scholar for idiots" it's me i'm idiots
Nomicakes: At level 70 WHM, you cast Medica 2. And then medica 2. And then Medica 2. And then Medica 2. And inbetween Stones, more Medica 2.
highlycaffeinated998: "Sage is just dumb Scholar for idiots" -Cider "Kardia's himself, not the tank" Spider
DJNUMA: Ooh last time I was this early I had a login queue of 5000
myps: The "less LB generation for duplicate jobs" thing is actually ONLY true in duties marked as a "High-end Duty". Don't fret if you have 2 dancers in your roulettes. :P
azurechan: You can sell excess island materials for the island currencies. Inside the house there's an export mammet that does it. That's what I do when the stack of mats I don't use in workshop reach a bit too high.
badbuddha2359: This has quickly become my fav series on YT. Mad respect for you attempting this.
Geist1337: Can't wait for Cider's Gold Saucer achievement arc.
foxybeatnik: My vote goes to the lady on the right. Also I too was surprised they could make corn flakes.

May 26 2024

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