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BUNDER ATTACK! | Zepla discusses DDoS attacks on FFXIV servers

sik3xploit: There is something amusing about people with criminal behavior trying to get their "revenge", acting as if they've somehow been wronged.
evandavis5223: Stop telling her she doesn't have ears. She can't hear you. She doesn't have ears.
belp8679: DDOS happen all the time. They can go from a couple hours if it's a newbie doing it, to several days or even recurring attacks on a daily basis for an extended period of time for larger criminal organisations which usually also includes a large number of compromised accounts being accessed or locked due to the number of login attempts. Putting them under control takes a lot of resources and effort as you need to identify the bad traffic and block it and do it all over again whenever the bot is 're-tuned'. You also need to stop all traffic for a while and assess and manage damages. I don't envy the folks at the security and fraud teams in SE!
aSinisterKiid: I can tell you why they chose a maintenance day - to cause the most frustration possible. Everyone that normally left their plans for last minute before weekly reset had to push those plans up earlier in the day so people were already stressing about trying to get stuff done before 9pm that. To do a DDOS attack for the entire day and screwing up those plans now just caused a ton of players to not complete their weekly goals before reset time and miss out on the rewards. Maximum frustration.
-Boone: My theory is that it's a random miqo, so pissed off about their character changes from the benchmark, they dropped their entire savings account renting every single ddos service the could find.
Saieden: My static had to call off raid night, we were going to test our latest O12S HelloWorld 2 strat we'd been working on for most of the day. I even made a spreadsheet of the debuff timeline :(
Klaudiuszeg: DILDOS ATTACKS xdd
tayalt2406: We need the cloud data center asap
danielBrown-fs7xq: People in the game getting dropped others locked out buy payment fiasco... great way to prep for Dawntrail
natebroadus8474: I was genuinely pissed off about the attack--until Zepla started her pun game strong.
gaelanedwards1320: Why is nobody talking about the people who had their characters deleted as part of maintenance fucking up due to the ddos attacks which they recently confirmed to be happening because some people wont be able to run dawntrail on their old pcs and don't want to get new ones. They are experiencing error code 3084 which has majority of the time caused serverside character corruption deleting their characters possibly forever. The bug caused lists the character as both online and offline at the same time (and you cant login to a character that's already online) meaning they "cant do anything about it" allegedly.

May 12 2024

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