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Best Farming Methods! Moogle Treasure Trove 2024 Genesis II FFXIV

DarkMattersAstro: For people that have cleared enough POTD to start at floor 51 instead of floor 1, is not a bad grind to run from 51-100.
idno4856: I got the "Reach floor 100" one too. Definitely won't be doing it either. Already farmed 60 tombs from my weekly (Hell's Kier), Castrum via roulette and then Good Saucer for all the rest. There were so many people at the Gold Saucer all day, so the ambiance is fun. Your tip for PvP is great for most people (and is often overlooked)
user-fq4nh6tt4x: Thanks for the tips! I'm going to the 30 min dungeon so I can chill watching something in between the cut scene.
mizuwisver9141: Just want to clarify something here, the Palace of the Dead (PotD) isn't that bad, you can start from Floor 50 solo or queue group or with friendswhich is the fastest way! The only difference is with solo is it's slower and you can't go past 100, but that's fine since floor 100 is the one you want to clear.
Honestly recommend doing it with queue group/friends since it will be much faster, definitely shouldn't take more than an hour.

Will add.. if you haven't unlocked PotD you will need to start from floor 1.. but honestly it's really not that bad when running with friends or a random queue group.
ghostfury530: just checked the mogpedium on my toon that hasnt finished stormblood and my weekly is doing level 70 raids so sucks to suck i guess lol
kotorisaurus: My friends are on free trial and their weekly/minimog objectives are to clear FATES in Endwalker area and PVP so the problem clearly hasn't been fixed
davidbernard3584: In part 1 I ran praetorium so much I basically memorized Gauis’s speech , hopefully now I’ll be able to repeat it in my sleep
norightturn7047: For all of you who don't have everything unlocked, Praetorium is still a really good method for farming the moogle tomestones. Gold saucer can be nice too although Leap of Faith is a bit annoying with so many people atm.

I got really lucky with POTD. I haven't done it in a while but for some odd reason I had left it at lv. 91 so it was a super quick run for me.
TheMadMoose: My wife and I got rewarded doing Castium last night just lvling. We are still fairly new to the FF14 but not the series itself.
merlinswife: thank you for the video! btw what skirt is your au ra wearing? i need to snag that for my highlander!
iPlayOnSpica: The PotD mount drops from sacks on F151-199. There is no point in doing sacks at under F100 except for achievements

May 18 2024

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