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Another normal levelling roulette in FFXIVff14 finalfantasyxiv

Bryanhegstrom: Love the pizza box chakras.
dylian407: Samurai trying to find the manga section in the great Gubal library
PenanceArkana: My actual thought process: "Arcanist? Don't you mean....oh. Oh no. Oh nonononononono."
clare253: Your movements for dancer are perfect! The pizza boxes
chrisrounds1242: The Dancer must have been hungry during the raid to forget her chakras.
icyIIa: the clueless gnb sprinting in the dancers direction got me
acefire0005: Pizza box chakrams, a mighty need has awakened within me. I would love having those as a glamour lmao
Yunachan2: Me the sage aggressively dissociating and putting most my trust into kardia (gone wrong)
nazragonborneldras9090: Lahee!
NoShotBot1313: The domino's boxes
Sab_Aria: Oh heavens
NorrinRaddIITurbo: I lost it at the Domino’s boxes
Luna-Starfrost: This would be even better with DO YOU KNOW LA-HEE

Jun 04 2024

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