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rapeepatsriwichai6020: The hotbat/crossbar transfer thing that happen when you upgrade job has been there since 6.5x. It's also mention in patch note too, not new thing in 7.0
andrewclear8905: Honestly, I think controller players can realistically bind more actions than keyboard players. Sure, you can bind more on the keyboard, but the hand gymnastics needed to do so would make it unfeasible.

Controller players can have 3 full cross hotbars at their disposal, which equates to 48 easy to use abilities. 

Now, mouse clickers could have an advantage on the number of actions, depending on how many hotbars they can fill their screen up with.
dastevenoch8795: Absolutely obsessed with the Mommul Ja with her little lad
angypingu666: I had the exact same reaction to the mamool ja picking up the baby. xDD
andrewclear8905: Those boss mechanic text callouts are a staple of DC Universe now (have been for a few years). Sometimes helpful, but easily ignorable. Maybe an option in the settings to turn them off?
BlackRoseThornEtna: please add this to the quotes for Nael in Ucob.
gilmoreja: Hope there's an option for mechanic alerts to go back to the usual black & white text popup that they've always been. I'm perfectly capable of reading that without needing it to be obnoxious levels of "red alert!!! red alert!!!!" I mean, what's next, blaring trumpets and "run away, little girl!!!" for the full DBM experience?
Will-sb4hf: MTQ the best FFXIV streamer. I'd love more vids like this
landar486_TV: that skill & hotbar thing... YES!
joshk6929: Oh my the baby mamool ja is so cute, I want it to be my minion.

Jun 11 2024

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