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A Beginner’s Guide To Blue Mage | FFXIV Job Overview

MelvaCross: This blue mage guide is absolutely perfect. The leveling method, the most important spells and how to use them and tipps for the masked carnival. All in dense and easy-to-understand video. Great stuff!
BushidoCypher: Getting back into FF 14 because of my channel and doing all the trophies for PS5 and been loving the blue mage videos man keep up the great work!
Freej3: Watch your guide before started BLU in end of April and beginning of May 2024, I really love this class / job, thank you for the amazing guides
somethingfizzy: This is a great video but my god the clicking every time the footage cuts is driving me insane...
HairoGuerra: this is a really good video, i have a blue mage lvl 60 and did not know most of this since i just did it without looking anything up. this really helps
BelisariusCawl: BLUE POG
simonstead1491: Thank you so much! Started BLU yesterday and this guide has been invaluable
mikasweet1: oooo amazing timing! i just started leveling blue mage so tysm for the guide!!
babylicious1990: Thanks a lot for the very informative video you just gained a new subscriber, keep up the great work
Scott-wc6mp: Iirc, basic instinct also works if everyone else dies xD you don't necessarily have to solo queue

May 12 2024

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