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You Wont Believe What Bethesda is Adding to Fallout 76s NEXT HUGE UPDATE

foldingend: friday the 13th vibes
technotoad2566: The “Track House” is straight up the sole survivors house from fallout 4 but a different color.
YODAJJ: How the bus takes us to the shelter? The Bethesda way: A loading screen
ericworkman6651: The groom outfit is in the atom shop right now isn't it?
davejames1926: So that means we could eventually get a rocket ship, that would give us a shelter on the moon
_The_Black_Cerberus_: I’m definitely getting that new shelter and turning it into my new brotherhood base I’ve been mapping out in my head where I’m thinking of putting building and power armor repair bays from the screen shots
cd_core: this stuff is cool and all, but the SERIOUSLY need to make the camp budjet bigger... I just never ever use my shelter for anything. what's the point? what am I missing?
ValkyrieGothic: I know we cant use resources in shelters, but I'd love non functional versions of all the flora so I can make my dream farm shelter

May 30 2024

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