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Why You NEED To Save Your Tickets In Fallout 76

tommygamba170: That 150 page isn't that good. Trust me. Im there.
AngryitNerd: theres no reason to save your tickets. they expire at the start of the new season
ssj4cap: I was able to complete my Unyielding 1 INT Secret Service armor set this season so that was cool. I have my XP build working pretty well.
fanarkboy8543: This season's currency SUCKS
ssj4cap: I got to 100 and stopped. I saved tickets until the later pages but not motivated to go to 150
LunaC101: with the old scoreboard you received way more additional items after completing it, like the modules and lunchboxes… plus I miss being able to display the scoreboard in my camp
mercurysunlight5689: Two words: Earnable Atoms!!!
Oooga-Chaka: I miss the scoreboards simply because I'm lazy and don't want to pick lmao

Still having fun with this season, though I might not finish.
icondark: At 100 I hat plenty of tickets and realized I had to "buy" 27 more items (that I really didn't want) from previous pages in order to unlock 150. So saving tickets didn't really work as a strategy for me.
cynic5581: Maybe I’m not following.

You’re suggesting forgoing on the on the limited time stuff to spend on consumables that you’re likely inundated with already?

Most of the things at level 150 I use immediately or just drop cause they have weight. Other things you can earn in the game in a couple hours. Score booster and lunch boxes would be nice to have but not at the cost of a camp items I’ll never have access to again.

I got the stupid surfboards which I’ll never use (I can’t even swim let alone surf irl) but you never know, maybe someday I’ll build a camp near some water and regret not having them. I know I’ll never regret not dropping more scrap kits though.
chrisjordan9192: Same thoughts! got 785 tickets and level 102, stashing for cores and bullion. Great tip, thanks.

May 10 2024

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