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Why Does Your Loot Pool Matter In Fallout 76?

KARL_BINGHAM: Level 1800 too late for me gotta live with it it now
Lordoftheapes79: Moleminer gauntlets were probably a bad example. Anything that was in the game at launch is on the basic loot table, but the premise is accurate.
JohnB-mo4kq: I don't really see this as an issue tbh. The main way to get the rolls you want is crafting, so I don't mind having a watered down loot pool.
selectionn: probably dont stress about this so much. it matters so little in the grand scheme of things. If anything it makes finding a good legendary that much more rewarding.
TheBunnyMans: I'm an obsessive collector and must have everything learned. But before I went and learned everything I could I only got power armor and I still only ever get power armor drops. I don't even use power armor.
nathanielauxier360: You could always start a new character for looting and customize the loot pool by learning specific plans and then transfer the items to your main
jamie1224: Just learned hellcat power armor by mistake because of the fort atlas questline :( I didn't know I would auto-learn it. I'd kill to forget it. This alt was SPECIFICALLY to not learn bound items.
chris5942: I know the Fixer plan and almost NEVER see it drop from enemies. I have been careful not to learn junk weapons on my main. It doesn't really matter because I am using armor and weapons that will never drop anyway like the Cremator/Union PA/Thorn body Armor.
Tagperson: This makes so much sense now. I just started playing a couple of weeks ago. learned 1 power armor arm piece and I keep getting that ones. It’s the the ultacite one so I hate it
Protogen-Doof: How do you get your health to be in 5 segments like that? I've never seen that before but it seems useful.
JOHNFord-mb9yv: Well, darn. Too late now.

May 22 2024

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