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What Is The Best Power Armor? - Fallout 76

bigmikewizard: “Babe wake up Mr WestTek posted 8 minutes ago” you’re the goat man, me and my gf play together daily and at least one of your videos is pulled every day
chrisyung6776: I like the excavator power armor,more carry weight but I personally love T-65 for sure
SaltorRedAnvil: As a power armor main, I agree with everything you say in this video. My unpopular opinion is that T65 looks like white bread and playdoe strapped to a chassis.
sweetgee9589: Best power armor in the game is union due to the extra 75 carry weight and 150 poison damage resistance. Every single power armor in the game has 7% damage reduction per piece so the difference between power armors is minimal. So use any power armor you want as long as it has the over eaters legendary effect. It’s the best effect for being tanky.
TheGrimArcher: Something I don't think is mentioned in this video is the soft cap for Damage Resistance (around ~300).

Steve-go6oq: Keep visiting event spots like SBQ and Eviction Notice. Because of the Union PA glitch you get to pick up pieces once the corpses despawn. My son has a full set and doesn't know the plans by doing that.
xohmyheadx: I love my Nuka Cola T-51! It also matches the life-size T-51 helmet I bought years ago. Favorite design. I'll just have to live with any weakness in it.
perceivedvelocity9914: Overeaters is extremely powerful on any power armor. From Raider to T-65. My personal preference is Union. I love the poison resistance. The poison resistance is extremely helpful for Daily Ops and Moonlight Jamboree.
alchemi8085: Best PA is definitely the one you think looks the coolest.
Notahandle.3: Excavator with 100% weapon weight reduction definitely
Syntax1963A: for the beginners just keep in mind - all power armors are damn good! - as they do give you a 42% damage reduction - so they are allways better than any other armor available. The general statistics does not give you this information.
Anyway thank you for this informative video....

May 16 2024

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