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Update 1.89 Notes (May 9, 2024) - Fallout 76

leonardwisniewski3418: Every other alien invasion event crashes me 2/3 into the event.
TheXchrisbyx: Noticed holy fire was shooting sideways in the last few days, hopefully this is fixed
steso8979: Id rather see a union PA fix :(
Bradsloe: The Union Power armor is like that one guy in the movie who steps into the fog to fight off the monsters and then makes you wonder for years if he ever returns.
scoundrl.: After all the disconnect issues over the past couple days they owe me about 50 plans from the invaders event :(
jaysonfri1313: the weapons issues is when you are in a first person mode, the weapons fire on the left or right side in the shoulder area even though your weaps is in the middle. Feels like someone is firing at your back but it's actualy your weaps
chris5942: The flamer and cremator had a terrible offset when firing. I had that load glitch too.
zuluhawk6346: Still need to fix the Power Armor glitch, and the press any button sign in glitch.
Crow_Magnum: 3 years now and I'm still waiting to get into my power armor without having to worry about getting glued to the floor behind my power armor with a tiny arm.
Poke-ladd: I really hope so cause I swear that error is spreading, first it started at nukaworld, a guarantee crash area and now it’s happening in expeditions
lxlKHARMAlxl: Hotdamn. Fast as hell. Cheers!
NomadicMoth: Hope Guns no longer shoot from the side of the screen.
gibson4544: Id sure like to see power armor bugs fixed the station bugging out when i try to repair gets old and the insert fusion core animation

May 10 2024

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