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Unlimited XP, Caps, Ammo Fallout 76

ace_pororo1455: WestTek can be thrilling when you miss your grenade throw
Pyrozilla: I just want to say that you’re video on the pioneer scout quest for the big backpack was really helpful
Cruusher: Maybe someday they'll raise the 40k cap limit. 100k would suffice . I could cycle out more stuff in my store vendor too
TheEnigman: If you run to the Neapolitan and see the Dump Trucks before you go see Billy you know whether to cancel or not. They will be there already if that is going to be the mission.
Im_in_debt: Never clicked on a video so fast lol
Zaudejis: There are other objectives for this that have the same respawn rate.
floydblinz7914: Crazy to make a 5 minutes video of you cycling between 3 sentences and yet no one notices ? It shows you're not really working on them, but I guess it gets the job done for most people... A comparison with west tek or other xp methods would have been great, seeing a sheet with the base xp you get from killing one enemy at each location, how many enemies you can kill in a said time in average and so on...
conqueror345: As a beginner player, i find this strategy to be more convenient for now. West tek is just annoying to navigate, and reset every time
herpderp9774: I have been using this trick for a couple of weeks now to farm huge amounts of ammo as well. One popping the auditors with a cremator nets serious excess fuel.
hector-tp3pv: If you have unyielding armor and a good amount of perk points in Intelligence with cranberry relish like I did on a team I breeze through board walk in like 7m max and level up 1 level each time as a level 250 it’s crazy
Micecheese: Anyone running EastTek?

Jun 07 2024

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