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Tips Tricks To Increase Carry Weight Fallout 76

IvanGarcia-xy7bf: I wish there was a way to permanently increase the Carry weight, I would actually buy the Carry weight Drinks if they were a permanent Buff, other mmos and online games have bags of holdings and item pack expansions , it be a benefit to everyone, or at least increase the item holdings in our Stash Boxes already! Ugh
You can buy 3 of them DAILY from the Mr. Handy inside the Crater Core (the Raider HQ at the very top center of the map) for a relatively cheap gold bullion price. You do need to make sure your reputation with the Raider faction is high, but it's very worth the grind when you can buy stuff like Carry Weight Boosters. It's a lot easier to get bullion than atoms, save your atoms for stuff you really want in the Atomic Shop!!
yippykayakotherbuckets8870: The Mutation Marsupial gives 20 to carry weight.
troke7120: I’m loving fallout 76. Bought the game on release and got to level 20 ish.. then I stopped playing until recently. I’m now level 80 and just hooked. Thanks so much for making these videos fella, these tips and tricks make it easy to get back into 76. Appreciate all you do Mr.WestTek
Plantyman8: You have no idea how badly I needed this info!!!
BreakfastAtNoon: Me and the misses are doing order of the tadpole..
Everything about this quest is so bloody broken, not broken like the quest line for vault 73 if you side with the raiders but broken as in how it explains or highlights anything to do with the quest.
telisaluther6602: You forgot Yao guai pastries. They do 75 carry weight and they only require razor flour and a yao guai meat to make or you can get at least 4 of them at the concession stand at Nuka world tour if someone hasnt already grabbed them. She does sell one tho.
DJTXD123: That deep pocketed one was very useful, level 197 and had no idea
jaysworld9388: Side note: The high capacity mod works on both small and large backpacks.
Avalas1986: Wish this was out last month... went all the way to 50 with the backpack right out of the vault.

May 27 2024

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