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manongban6505: Me asking "Why the hell I'm always Overweight?" Looking at Aid Tab in Pipboy

477 stimpacks

Ahh crap.
Lordoftheapes79: An important thing to note about the food, is that ALL carryweight food is meat based. So, if your an Herbivore, you get no carry bonuses from food.
ahhchoo9694: Marsupial mutation as well. Good vids keep it up.
Dazzxp: Unyielding armour is great to boost strength and in turn carry weight as well as boosting all other stats besides endurance. I have radicool but I am using ultra light for AP refresh but could boost it further with deep pockets. Deep pockets I think would be best for early level players.
KenZzZ86: Power armor 3rd star have the legendary effect of reduce ammo weight, reduce weapon weight, reduce food/drink/chem weight, and reduce junk weight for 20% per limb torso.
irishgirl7of980: Hiya,
Do u have a video on what items will sell quickly for caps? I have so much junk but have no idea if they are plentiful in game or rare.
I have no idea how to price anything lol. Im a new player and it sucks trying to find anything i can afford. I don't want new players to pay excessive amounts but want to make a few caps too.

user-kx2hu4vf1y: What are we supposed to do with loose mods. Like mod boxes you pick up around the map. I have my stash stacked with mods I probably won't be using any time soon.
ksimatrix5428: Another useful tip is as a new player if you can find 3 pieces of unyielding armor doesn’t matter if it’s a matching armor set or not and your carry weight will go up dramatically because of the 9-12 extra strength if you’re low health, and if you’re worried about taking damage put on serendipity and ricochet
KARMAFORFUN: Been playing for 3 weeks and your videos are so helpful, thanks!
caseybarnes2082: freaking dysentery lol

May 23 2024

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