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This NEW Meat Week Reward is raising so many questions Fallout 76

vermilion4715: And the head weighs 10, it’s ridiculous
NORKIE: the stash space really does need to be updated to 2k or simply re-worked and removed, i dont mind paying for the season pass and some better fallout first rewards, paying for storage space is something zenimax does and its just disgusting. they do it on eso too and it feels just as yucky.
LilSayo: I absolutely despise how F76 handles storage. They pretty much try to bully you into their stupid expensive subscription
rockero1313: I still haven't got one single piece, or even the display, only a few plushies and repeated plans.
I've been saying for a long time now that displayed items should NOT take camp budget (also needs to be raised), just like PA pieces when they are on a PA frame
zuluhawk6346: Absolutely crazy to me that they haven't made the stash space bigger by now, downright stupid honestly.
blairhaffly1777: They know what they're doing. The business model is to push the threshold of tolerance for the basic product to get more people paying that monthly subscription.
drags3840: Bethesda needs to expand that stash box size. As a new player it’s ridiculous. Hats off to the veterans who have suffered with the limited stash size for so long.
wayamanitou3791: The torso weights 20 . TWENTY pounds. Nope... not going to display these things.
darkforest03: I have got the entire thing. If you choose to display it, it will take 50 of your stashbox space. No worth imp.

May 27 2024

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