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The Road To A Bloodied God Roll Cremator Fallout 76

robzilla8084: THATS WHAT IM DOING WRONG! you craft multiple so you can scrip them instead of re rolling on the same weapon.....
chris5942: I have not watched the video but Angry Turtle has hinted that you can swap cremators after firing one and you get better damage? I have not seen what he is talking about.
LongAlex1991: I rolled a Bloodied 25% damage while aiming 90% weight cremator. 5500 DOT with full adrenaline.
fivenotewonder: Aa doesn’t work on the dot, so unfortunately for cremator it’s a scrip weapon.
Bloodied is best for pure damage as it increases the dot the most.
Vampire is best for everyday use.
Whilst the cremator was ‘nerfed’ it was buffed with more dot. Demo expert no longer worth it.
peacemaker12892: It wasnt nerfed, it was "reworked" but it still is amazing, easily my favorite weapon now.
Anti armor unfortunatley does not affect the damage over time, which is where majority of the damage comes from. So bloodied is the way to go. Anti armor with heavy barrel would make the direct damage better though but i like spraying everything with giant fireballs too much to switch off multi barrel.
stuart3712: Quad cremator is pointless... with reload speeds with a smaller tank, you dont need more than 9 shots per reload since reloads is as fast as each shot.
GenDrake3: Full health builds BIS: Instigating, 25 % damage while aiming, and 90% wwr.
For bloodied builds just change out instigating for bloodied. Also get a vampires because it procs for each projectile. Anti armor doesn't effect the dot damage which is the weapons main focus now.
larryestrada9368: Now I know what u meant by 12 a day but the downside to that is I have about 1000 storage space of legendaries that keeps growing with every event I do so I just don’t have the space to keep the extra railway rifles I roll
brianadsersen8968: This game is an nightmare for beginners
Pxndatt: Rolled bloodied first try how much should I sell it for

May 18 2024

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