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Surprise Atomic Shop Update (May 9, 2024) - Fallout 76

WastelandBetty: I’ll be buying that pink bundle today.
DimstTalon: Remember prices are adjusted based on what you already own. Bundles may vary in price to what you see in the video
IshimuraaYT: Raider collectron is peak dialogue!
codyoswald6942: Thank you so much for making the videos you do, I Just started playing fallout and your videos have helped me so much
IzzyKilgore: Every atomic shop update is me hoping for the return of the Elders Battlecoat T.T
Irish_Vader: I really wish they would make a display for your power armor helmets. Just to display the helmets on the wall or on something. That would be great.
KentuckyRanger: When I heard they had fixed the rustic Helvetia build prices, I tried to buy them, but the aren’t in the Atomic shop.
I stated a ticket, and asked if I could get them.
Their answer was, we’re still working on it, and it will be back in the Atomic shop, when finished. Ugh…
vippassin: Man, I really want the Greenhouse set! Please
aw82797: Thanks for the tip on the collectron bundle. I got the raider collectron for 188 atoms by buying the bundle since i had all the others vs 400 to buy just the raider collectron.
krypticmdmn2676: Once you get the collectrons EACH of your collectrons can then search for the specific search functions that come with each collectron! so its a good idea to get this bundle if you want specific junk/meds to be gradually collected.
I honestly think that the Communist collectron is best because it has a "proletariat" selection which gives junk along with meals with good food buffs and meds like stimpaks etc! other than that the raiders chems and alcohol selection is super useful too!
watchingkek: How long does it take them to fix Union Power Armor not being available from stamp vendor?

May 10 2024

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