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Surprise Atomic Shop Update May 23, 2024 Fallout 76

aaronroberts7253: I’ve never spent atoms so fast once I saw the handmade skin
N7-alpha: The apothecary gives flower plants for crafting.
ThBIGLebowski1: The Camo price is 400
thisismyname603: I finally got one of the rifle skins for my handmade
josephbourque2346: I'd love to see them enclave turret skins come back, I've been wanting them twin minigun turrets for a hot minute now!
charleshammel8541: It's rare plants like toxic soot, ash rose and kaleidoscope. Nice to passively get formula p ingredients. I just remove what I don't want. 4 slots I think.
julianrivera9505: I want the nuka cola candy machines in the shop
Rileykard: Can someone tell me how long it takes for Bethesda to send you an item asked through ticket? I asked for that Gauss shotgun skin but its been 3 days so far an nothing. I replied to the ticket confirming the purchase too.
TolvoZynaSheHer: The apothecary gives the flower plants used in various recipes, it can hold about 4 at a time, it is random what ends up in it. It is one of few ways to get Strangler Bloom outside of the quest for making Radshield. I have it and tbh don't find it worth it.
juliangracia7563: I've never bought atoms faster
VivaMattiee: I was so hyped when I saw that camo today

May 25 2024

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