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NEW Pioneer Scouts Uncharted Event! All Rewards and Challenges Fallout 76

kilowhisperer5057: "Deploy a C.A.M.P within skyline valley" Bethesda i don't want to move either of my camps for some challenge. Put too much time into both of them.
JACKALz: I want that birthday cake I missed out on.
redypo: whoever decided this whole theme was a good idea needs to be fired. All these events and rewards are ass.
RomanianTemplar: This has got to be hands down the most stupid event and prizes ever!!! Way to go Bethesda, one let down after another.
Poke-ladd: If it has an item which is somewhat valuable
Like another resource item for camp I might do it
Otherwise I might just skip it
ClyFaker: Even if the roasting stick doesn't work on any of the weapons I would like, I still want it. I'm a sucker for goofy food themed weapon skins. Now they just need to implement the turkey ripper that's sitting in the cut content...
LaVex91: Was really hoping we could move past the whole camping theme... doesnt go well with the new dlc and map or story in my opinion. But sure lets add more i guess.
joeyvanhaperen7715: I'm on vacation at that time, but good to see I'm not missing out.
gizmoandbackgaming: I like the idea of this, just like spring cleaning. Don't really care about XP but having new items for camp and character will be nice.
nukafanatic2455: Not gonna be upset if I miss this one. Rewards not that great
agusmercado688: Did you just get a possum patch from the campfire event?

Jul 10 2024

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