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NEW Limited Time Fallout 76 Spring Cleaning Challenge ~ Event Guide 2024

donnyrivera4342: I’m new to fallout 76 and having so much fun learning and doing quests. Unfortunately everyone I know are on PC and im on Xbox so doing everything on my own. Love all the videos I’m finding here.
Serevarno: Wayward has soap and 3 boxes of Abraxos in the bathroom as well.
RichardLarryJr: Me: watching random fallout vid
Some guy playing the keyboard: “I’m going beyond ultra”
IREAPCATS: Fun thing iv found is picking these up while wearing power armour does not count towards collecting them
lanawilliams7615: Excellent video buddy!! Hopefully get urself a load more subscribers
GrahamtheTitan: Great guide
natebeckius5052: The transmission station you are pointing at is EM-B1-27 not 1AT-U03
geoffreyprior8931: Still have a roll of toilet paper on my vendor at 20k caps; from when i played during the pandemic.
HippnoticGaming: Not really helpful tbh. You just give location names, but dont actually show where the junk items actually are. Forcing us to just run around wasting time. And its the transmission station for the Enclave base. Not "relay tower" sure those who dont know where it is will be confused by this.
slackarsezombie: Casino quarter in Atlantic City has tons of abraxo in the laundry room of The main casino
angelinasimon: You can't be in your power armor either, i learnt that the hard way lol

May 11 2024

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