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*NEW* Duplicate All Camp Items (Collectrons,Coffee, Junk And More) In Fallout 76

DarkoVoid: Just because you are on a private server doesn't mean you won't get banned btw especially if you are causing massive lag. 10/10 though I just don't wanna get banned again....
JRam-tr3ig: PSA Keep in mind that giving camp blueprints to other accounts with paywalled atomic shop content like collectrons is not a TOS issue that can just get you banned it is a crime and if you sell them you probably will be sued and charged with a crime. Selling pirated copyrite contet for an accumilative amount over 5K in most states is also a felony.
nucklez6457: Please take this video down, unless you want to see this patch. Anyone who needed this information has it now. So why keep it up?
theglistener9840: Noooooooo why post it everyone already knew it dang
mayanottelling1989: wait your music is actually fire holymoly 1
brandonflores604: Can we use something else than the statue? I’m running out of copper
lilapexgod4400: I’m trying to get the foundations lined up it’s impossible
kyleburke7224: Can anyone do this for me on ps? Got b/e/1A railway, B2525 fixer and 20k caps
drdodgemodz2277: Two questions:

1. Can you move the duped coffee machine for example afterwards?
2. When you say "join a friends world" what if noone is online rn? join public?
fbiopenup2568: Hey bob, how do we give the blueprint to other accounts? I’d like to put it on my alts, but anytime I do the foundation/walls step with them while the camp is ghosted where their camp is, I can’t place the blueprint due to “item is floating” message.

May 15 2024

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