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Most Fallout 76 Players NEVER DISCOVERED This Secret Bethesda Added 4 Years Ago..

Paulostore: Most will never find secret Chinese base near Vaulttec University
darkmugetsu6572: I used to farm this event like crazy when killing 10 legendary enemies weeklies were more common, it was a great spot to manually start an event and get between 1 to 8 legendaries
Sad_Roman: Wake up baby, new Rifle video just dropped
Pyrotrainthing: I love doing Riding Shotgun, Pepperoni Rolls are an amazing recipe to have and some of the Blue Ridge rewards are very nice to have!
VaultWeasel: O_o Its been 4 years now? I remember Vinny when The Two New Events, Beast of Burden and Safe and Sound were added.
annado9444: I played this as a noob a couple of years ago. I started with Wastelanders season. It was hard! So more hands on def would make it a repeatable event for me. I’m going to give it a go today though.
shawnleek4970: Ive been watchin ya for a while Brother. Your videos most definitely help new players. Im a Veteran of the game and every now and then ya show me something I didnt know. Drive on Brother and Godspeed to you and your family.
swampbillies1776: I love their logo so i want all their items, thanks for video
ragtop: I do this event all the time and farm legendarys
DominusGhaul: lets gooooo

May 27 2024

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