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MORE UNWRITTEN RULES Of Fallout 76 | Fallout 76

UBONME: I just barely started playing the other day and died at the end of an event. I was a little bummed out because when I came back I saw three higher level players standing around my stuff and thought they were taking it. As soon as they saw me they started waving and shooting at my things telling me my stuff was still there. Not going lie, was surprised at how nice everyone is on this game. It’s pretty refreshing.
upthebet: Unwritten rules? You're literally reading the rules.
canderia: If you're playing a low health build, you should always keep a gamma gun on yourself to get your rads back up. Just shoot the ground at your feet a few times.
laxpaint: At this point, almost to level 800, my vendors are only there to attract people to see my creations. Also, just like every other place in the wasteland that you have never visited, you have to look around for things.
Don’t need caps, don’t need weapons or aid…
I just want people to come and see what I have created in my shelter and the game doesn’t promote visiting other peoples shelters enough.

It’s quite OK by me if you don’t find my vendors and want to leave within 20 seconds. My elaborately designed C.A.M.P.s and shelters are for the people that are going to stop and look around.
Lordoftheapes79: The Assaultron Recall card costs 1750 caps with reductions.
kharjothekhajiit1669: Another rule, if you start a daily opps team, actually start the opp. Don't just sit there and do nothing when people join your team. As for my shops at my camp. They're in a big red circus trailer all lit up right next to my house. It's about as easy as it gets to find.
tomchristensen4634: Good points. The only one I don't agree with is not running starched genes. Managing the bloody build rads is a pain in the butt to begin with but then worrying about loosing a mutation on accident makes it almost not worth the build. Run starched genes it's 2 points well spent.
toysnaplaviscus: So, on your second rule/tip, about not joining the team if you aren't gonna do the dops/expd. That goes the other way as well. Example, Don't create a dops team if you aren't ready to run it yet. Like people start the team then just sit there.
An extention of this is also, when you've finished a Dops, change your team's public goal so people don't think they are joining a team that are about to go.
CarlosMartinez-mj6cu: I agree on not killing enemies on one shot on events. On Radiation Rumble, Eviction Notice and Moonshine what is do when I use the grenade launcher is to remove explosion expert. But I feel there are other events that people need to be aware that there are other players. For example Line in the Sand. There is nothing more annoying than going to the event and a commando killing all the schorched without letting the power armor users get a single kill. So I say just be mindful of other players. Don’t get all the kills
OriginCorey: Reverse pro tip, i don’t need your caps and i sell good shit for cheap, spend a second looking for my vendor and youll be rewarded, not everyone is looking for instant gratification, and its actually your loss not mine
cho2969: Please put your unwritten rules videos in a playlist. These are awesome; and everyone should watch these.

May 10 2024

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