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Make The Most Of Meat Week And A Look At The New Rewards In Fallout 76

sutnack7537: i already miss the alien invader event
Pouncer_Fox: I want that weenie wagon stand. Canned dog food on demand means I will never have to worry about hunger, ever again. Also, they never spoil.
Lordoftheapes79: Don't forget, if you got the recipe from a previous Meat Weak, you can craft Chally's Feed ahead of time.
vtubershidposting9068: Nuka-knife?! Everyone is jazzed about a pepper shaker when there is a Nuka-Knife!!!
GypsyCrymson: Almost forgot you can stack the primal cuts x3 to turn in. Thanks for the reminder and for Grahm's wonderful humor this morning
wesleybaldwin1999: This whole thing seems more work then its worth
justinh1589: Bro I’ve been looking for meat week videos explaining what it’s about that isn’t 1 years old. Thank you sir
SlowlyMasterDeWhey: Gram It's one of the only super mutants I've ever seen on fallout 76 walk directly through a brotherhood of steel checkpoint.
Stabbyinthewasteland: Great video, Gassy! I love that Graham poked a bit of fun at you
SuperSundaeTV: I'm just happy I got the mothman tome before the event ends xd did equinox for like 40 times before I got it haha now next goal is the dogfood collector!
runsolomon: The swarm of flies and the weenie wagon is the only two plants I want from the whole event I somehow have all of the meet plushies already

May 27 2024

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