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Is Fallout 76 Worth Playing in 2024?

harley_yelrah9429: As an og player i feel like I really came out of 76 and hung around till everybody showed up in Appalachia
leoalberts9514: I fw you extremely heavily Owen Kung
HausAbendrot: I installed the game upon learning there was an Assaultron in Fishnets in the Battle Pass, and for about a week and a half, I grinded the hell out of it. When I finally unlocked her, I almost immediately dropped the game. Just nice to have her around when I may or may not get into it for real.
mentosvagabond: 76 is probably one and maybe the first fallout game that make you afraid of your own power armor, not because it has any negative when wearing it, it just it a dice roll if you gonna just get in and be on your merry way or you get stuck on the animation until you aft F4 the game.
guccizane2010: Is kung worth owening in 2024?
nkosig4995: I'm surprised you didn't touch factions that much like the settlers, raiders and even union fanatics and responders are pretty well developed, at least more than fallout 4. Factions feel realistic and are more organized and realistic. Each one trying to expand and grow to survive
tawadavidson6383: Owen bro, you should suffer for us and do a video on starfield
agentnukaz1715: That moment when the the world looks absolutely amazing and theres no lag is truly serene almost feels like a new game. I havent had most of those bugs, its mostly power armor bugs
-k-b-: Fallout deserves a good game after 4 arguably being so buggy and vapid and honestly locked in as the nice guy. This game still doesn't seem much better than that game, and that's after years of updates where it was much worse and actually unplayable.

Thank God the show was actually good and brought the series back into the limelight, I legit thought it was dead and that Bethesda through the body in an acid bath
kvncbl: I just kunged myself
AnonYmous-rz8xk: New kung, kung be praised

May 18 2024

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