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How To Get The Fixer Everything You Need To Know Fallout 76

crazedhumanoid: I feel like I got some crazy luck, I found someone selling a fixed plan in their camp for 5 caps
torilath: Dude, just came back to 76 after not playing it since launch. Your videos have been a massive
cainprescott4937: In case it wasn't mentioned in the video: you do, I believe, get a free Fixer upon completing the initial quest tied to the event it drops from.
TheRaptorsNest: I was giving Fixer plans on my first day by a high level player, This community is unreal
Jayrise510: I’m a newer player and bought the plan for 5k and got a quad, crit dmg, 25 AP roll on my 5th try. I was freaking out
TilyXR6: Some high level player gave me a vault tec painted fixer. Love this community
krisbishop4364: I recently started playing 76 for the first time. Your videos have answered every question I’ve had about the game. I thank you. Best person out there for fallout 76 guides. Ps your introduction is polite and it sounds genuine when you say thank you. Love your work.
mrmrshel2523: 14 days playing just reached level 115. Did my first 40 legendary rolls today. 1 on each my armor, power armor for nuke zones, and many rolls on railguns. rng nothing exciting
SuIferNode: i haven’t even watched it yet and i know this will help my fixer be better
baconwafers4928: I got the Plan another way. Someone left it on the ground, shot at it, and walked away. Just started 76 like 2 weeks ago and happened to me in the hallway at the Mall.
Spade41Rsoft: So I was walking around near whitespring station, I forgot I had voice chat on and I was talking to my friend about how the fixer was a really good gun then this guy just walks up to me gives me the fixer and 12 fusion cores
Btw nice vid

May 21 2024

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