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How it feels to play Fallout 76 for the first time in 2024...

toomuchdiponmychips: We need to make Gecepet in red dead online
donavoncummings3593: 76 is the booty version of fallout. But I understand why this has to happen
OckWock: this game is easy to get addicted too once you fully start getting use to it and learning more
HumanCharlie: I thought you were about to make a Helldivers joke with that intro
YoHarlz: Amazing vid as always, if you ever need help let me know i also got plenty power armour to give
Matthewfirexboxone: And now the 76 addiction starts
petertownsend5596: I started 76 two weeks ago and had no clue what I was doing. Somehow I made it to the bar owner with the ghoul sidekick and traded all my clothes not knowing what I was doing...until I saw my female character with only a bra, panties and backpack. I don't know how to get any clothes back so I guess she'll be semi nude for the rest of the game.
CHAZTEC: Game is not as bad as it was when it first came out it’s come along way still needs some kinda work tbh but better than it was and with friends it’s actually fun lol needs a new gen update too tbh
thelonewolf9095: So there a Dempy and a Dempi, interesting
Your_operator: Fallout 76 is like rust except without toxic players I think…

May 10 2024

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