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Heres Why YOU NEED TO GET the Enclave Turrets in Fallout 76

chineseassassn5661: You have the turrets but the real question is WHERE IS YOUR POWER ARMOR
EvolvedDrifter: I love the Enclave Turrets. God bless the Enclave.
jillflyt6191: If you use a spotlight turret the rest will find their mark easier and they tend to concentrate their fire more with spotlight support. In my experience anyways
Binary79: Picked up the polished version today, just need the wireless generator to show back up in the store now.
_The_Black_Cerberus_: Who remembers when the only way to defend against the scorchbeast was with the rocket turrets
dochtobin1: As of 0800 EST shop says 3 hrs left...
polmacdhomhnaill3021: I must have waited four or five years for these bad boys, as I go for scotch queen bases. What’s a must with these is the serve lights to keep track or the things you want to kill. Others have said the same about spot lights. I’m posting just to let folk know you may have a five year wait for them to come back, so what you do is log on to Bethesda and buy them and anything you’ve missed in the past, as long as you’ve the atoms you can buy anything.
HerniatedDisk: Are these different from the normal enclave turret skin?
tuazulyrojoeljean: I was about to get to sleep... fortunately, I decided to check one last youtube video before that. Now my camp has some sweet new defenses!
Thanks, man!
SyIis: Thanks youtube! I love getting a notification AFTER the item is already gone

May 18 2024

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