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Fallout 76 Your Armor Doesnt Matter!

BxBxProductions: fun fact: level 1 or 2 serendipity is all you need
IraRobinson: 76 is a bit different in that it's not really about damage resistance. it's all about damage mitigation / avoidance. Remove their ability to actually do damage from the base and your damage resistance doesn't matter haha
TK_Prod: Heavy diminishing returns starts at around 300 physical/energy resistance. And hardly any need to have over 400.
probablybears: I didn't realize ricochet procs vampires. I'll be using that in DO now.
Champabay: Unyielding is very important armor for bloodied builds
iamdarkbloom_: Intentional or not it's good to see people spreading the word about speed demon's hidden effect. Maybe it'll convince some of our newer wastelanders to get mutated
bekfistwolf8248: Armor matters up until a very low point, that's why I'll always say that t65 is on the same level as t60, t51, ect, while hellcat and union are the upper level sets
tjpatton8562: Ricochet perk triggering the Vampire effect is absolutely broken
zoriononline: Waaatt,, the ricochet vampire effect .. I didnt realize that..

Well tnx that was actually cool to know.
KingTalion: I mean, when I went from mismatched armour to SS armour I went from dying every time serendipity failed to proc, to dying every 8th time serendipity failed to proc which honestly makes a huge different. Numbers might not be the be all end all, but they do matter
snackylie: Facts you don't need armor at all. I use all vampire weapons, ricochet, serendipity, dodgy, lifegiver, born survivor, lone wanderer etc with absolutely no armor at all I just run around with underarmor. For ap regen literally just company tea and canned coffee. For health nuka quantums and super stimpaks. Very seldom do I die.
FilthEffect: I swapped out my unyielding arctic marine set for a full set of overeaters secret service (for a tesla build), and I did not feel any stronger despite the 30% damage reduction, and much higher resistances. So I switched back after a few days. This game's damage reduction metrics are so weird and messy
travisschnelle4247: Chinese stealth armor yesterday in a nuke zone and I was doing just fine. But missed my jetpack
kevenblackworks1906: Armor is a thing that is nice if you have, but you don't rlly need it. For me, so long as I have a Weapon Weight Reduction set, idc about any of the other effects.
chris5942: Thorn body armor is a must for me. It adds passive defense. Smack me and die.
Steve-go6oq: I have a lvl 983 character and one that is now lvl 82. With the kow level ive been having fun with the new civil engineer armour. Not desperately try to get SS. That said i was happy to get my shielded SS underarmor from Minerva.

May 25 2024

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