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Fallout 76 What To Do With Mysterious Map Fragments?

FatherOak: Thanks! I have 3 map fragments so I get 1 of those pop-ups every time I log in. Now I can get rid of them!
Eltonix: So no reward for completing it? Not even like a camp plan or anything? Wow.... That's disappointing
oagardo: I hate these things so much! I hate items that you can't get rid of, specially the stupid mask from the mistress of mysteries quest.
Lordoftheapes79: The only thing you actually need this code for, is if you want to join a friend who is doing the Raiders' Wastelanders story.
rod2dodge855: Great video, shame the quest doesn’t really go anywhere.
spamanator666: Oh wow, I have been trying to remember for months where the main place was! I took an awesome screenshot of that blacklight wall and it pops up quite often as a loading screen.
Aereosato: Thanks Wiggle, I can get rid of the pop ups and also remember not to pick up any more of them
robertrobinson2649: just a point of Interest, IRL the Big Church in Grafton, is the International Mother's day shrine.
PeacelordApropos: Timing is everything. I solved one when i got it but thanks to meat week i got more. Thanks!
Mr3ppozz: Thanks for the video! I keep forgetting that I still need to get rid of these stupid map fragments and this video will definitely help getting rid of it xD
albusplaustrum06: yeah, I got rid of these because of those popups. Not sure if I did this on my main but definitely something to do on my alts, if nothing else some motivation to hit more spots on the map.

May 30 2024

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