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Fallout 76 What Happens if You Make Love to the Robot Ally? Fallout 76 Secrets

AverageEmpireEnjoyer76: Clang!, Clang!, Clang!, Clang!
senatorarmstrong646: Already did it. She is now living as my perfect robot wife in a nice house just outside Sutton where I pamper her actress lifestyle, have all amenities for her to enjoy, her desk next to my desk and a big camera pointing towards our bed. Absolutely perfection.
WackierSpider: (Spoiler) If you go to Atlantic City to the casino and go to the underground bunker, you might find a note and a gambling room read it and take it to her. You might find some more dialogue and backstory. (It was a surprise to me when I found it almost impossible to find on your own.) cool I got pinned.
facistdic: This video asked a question I never thought could exist but I was immediately intrigued. 11/10 title
Nameless_spear: I love fallout 76
theman555544: Her note in Atlantic City's casino made her my favorite companion in any fallout game. I will not elaborate further
canisarcani: she wasnt using an innuendo when she said that robots are sensitive in their joints and that you should put some hot lead in them.
michaelomahony1225: Adelaide is the FISTO of 76!
chineseassassn5661: Please assume position
ericyankovich8475: For now, burnt “lifestyle magazines” & bulk oil is good enough

May 30 2024

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