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Fallout 76: Ultimate Heavy Gunner 3.0 - Beginner to Expert - High DPS Tank The Best Build 2024

Bradsloe: Power Armor isn't a build, it's a lifestyle.
swagcat51: no dodgy, radicool, blocker, inspirational, etc. and a lot of very questionable and unneeded perks.. i hope beginners don’t actually use this
Zaudejis: Problem with a lot of your builds is that you are a consumable fiend while the majority of players do not want to be beholden to such things.
lencina3608: When you see master infiltrator you can be sure its an ultimate build
04jeanpiero: As a heavy weapons guy this video hits all the good marks for me, thanks!
leiferiksson1785: If you have a heavy gun that fires a lot of "bullets" like a 50 cal or flame thrower, the "one guy army" perk card maxed out is great. Then the enemies will not be able to fire back once you start fire on them. And it is real fun as well. I would trade the "bloody mess card" for that, not really needed. Also, it works on the earl boss to keep him from moving around too much.
disabledvet4689: I've been running with the Vertiguard PA skin for awhile now and over the past few days I have noticed more and more folks running around with it. It's like when you go and buy a certain model of a car and all of a sudden, it's everywhere. Good to see Angry Turtle supporting it also. Thanks again for another great video.

There is also a Blood Eagle variant of this PA skin if anyone is interested in running with it.
spider-man4460: Power Armor gang, rise up, still the best build out there.
cd15turb3d: I think a lot of people commenting are missing the points of the video. That being said, Turtle definitely has some bias in his builds. Master infiltrator is really nice but does take a valuable legendary slot, green thumb can be swapped on and off as needed, fire in the hole is a pretty funny choice, friendly fire at rank 1 isn’t really necessary (I would actually swap out tenderizer if I need friendly fire because I never need both of them), enforcer is not necessary but fine if you’re dedicated to using it and probably better than trying to cram one gun army in when luck has much more valuable cards, born survivor at low health is a preference. Now that I’m done criticizing there are upsides to these choices too and the way that this build comes together in the end is more than playable, he does demo it in the video and mentions swapping cards for different scenarios. What turtle is going for here is geared toward HIS end game gameplay and the defensive cards are less important when he can just pour out reliable dps. This build is skewed toward vats capability which is trying to make something work that doesn’t want to work initially but can produce a powerful result. I will also say that this is not how I have spec’d out my heavy build at all and I wouldn’t call this a general build guide. This is a guide for a niche endgame build. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, it’s different. That’s the point. We can put on our internal database power armor helmets (thinking caps) and understand how some different choices could give different benefits that might not make you copy this build but maybe incorporate part of it. Mine is still better though.
DefaultArk: This is why he's THE GOAT
UncleBalthasarGelt: Some perks choices are very questionable

May 16 2024

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