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Fallout 76 Tips and Tricks Nuka Cola Quantum Power Armor fallout fallout76 gaming

_The_Black_Cerberus_: I was actually surprised doing this doesn’t give you an achievement when I did this pre wastelanders having this XO-1 paint was the biggest flex
S.W.B: Genuinely my favorite content creator on this app
merkazoidduff7651: I was wondering about that keycard slot at Overlook Cabin. But man that’s a convoluted side mission. Who figured this out? Trying to do this without a faq would be like deciphering launch codes on your own, and nobody got time for that.
texasarbiter8454: Your the GOAT for all these, ya know that?
justaliteralgoat5639: fun fact, the code doesn't work if you have to swap servers for whatever reason, and the keys are consumed on opening the door in the basement, so if you do have to swap servers and you didn't grab a new code you've gotta do it all over. Thanks Todd Howard
Masonx6565: Or just go to the location and camera glitch into it to save some time if you want.
BobbyWithHobbies: Thanks for making these videos, they have been helping me big time.
kristopherrodriguez7879: I love your content video and I hope you keep doing an amazing work
JB-wf6mz: Omg I was wondering what the TNT Dome 7 key went to. I found the spot holding the key open one time, and I guess I got free power armor skin. Too bad, I don't wear it.
ThePyro-69: Dammit if people keep finding it I can't sell it for much

May 20 2024

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