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Fallout 76 This Is How Ghoulish Works For Bloodied Builds, Is It Worth It?! Perk Discussion

lxlKHARMAlxl: I swear these Fallout 76 youtubers are competing for the most ridiculous outfit lol
kirby-gy9vo: This perk can be a godsend in Radiation Rumble, just pop a radaway, and you can go get all the uranium you can find.
WarhavenSC: I think they should reword Ghoulish to change "regenerates" to "heals." In my mind, regeneration implies a constant heal over time effect.
fnorazril: Endurance is often overlooked in a lot of builds I feel. Ghoulish being one of those weird sleeper cards that is surprisingly useful in a lot of circumstances. Especially when a random mothman cultist is packing a radium rifle. Always get surprised at the double whammy of the damage those guys do. Feels more useful on a higher health build than bloodied to me, but that's just my opinion. Is it a must have on the bar? Not sure, but it definitely does kick in and save your butt often enough. Compared to some of the other Endurance cards I think it sits in the top three or four for me. Fireproof and Ghoulish often are being swapped for each other depending on circumstance. But always running Life Giver, don't think I'd ever give up the extra health.

Really good breakdown of an often misunderstood card.
Dyeuss: First of all great video! Secondly I’m a bloodied build and run ghoulish, even at rank one it’s soooo helpful for keepingg me alive! Highly recommend
enzudesign: Fantastic break down video man, and yes I use Goulish in my bloody build
reddglare: Bloodied PA build here, can confirm ghoulish has worked well for me!
blkev8002: A camp tool for toxic goo would be cool too , staying bloody is hard these days :v its west tek isnt it

Well im thinking about taking it after i maxed my legendaries. Although I Gotta ask you bout a level 4 charisma perk which gives def per teammate or when im alone i just switch to lone wanderer, is it worth it or should i most likely put in surpressor or sth else. Id like to have some Charisma for the card exchange tho

May 23 2024

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