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Fallout 76 The Thirst Zapper Will Quench Your Enemies

lumberfoot_jpg: Purchased a Bloodied Quantum Thirst Zapper from a veteran player a few days ago... I proceeded to spend 40K caps on nuka-cola quantum bottles and now I have 3500 ammo for this weapon :) SO MUCH FUN
willblake72: Never dawned on me that it was the self-inflicted stagger that was preventing the reloads. Very fun weapon, a favorite for moonshine or something like distant thunder. Also these explosions are done right, not blinding everyone.
wrkeech: So basically, this is a stealth grenade launcher? Nice!
darkjak565: I've got a set of each thirst zapper sitting around with bloodied on each of them. Every once in a while I run around with them using a full explosives build, even use an instigating version of the water one for a grenade build.

It's extremely silly and impractical, but I don't regret those legendary modules at all.
vtubershidposting9068: I run an Instigating / 25% Aiming Dmg Thirst Zapper on my Nuka only character. You can do a funny combo with Nuka-nades by aim shooting where the grenade lands and doubling up on explosions. I run OE full health PA so I can just throw nades at my feet and don't care.
Because it is based on Explosion perks and not gunslinger, you can easily run it with primarily melee as your backup or AOE option. At least in PA, I stopped really caring about reduced fusion core usage, so I had the Int slots.
dillonc7955: This would be a good weapon to save for specifically tanky enemies or big groups of enemies. The weight is virtually nothing which makes it basically a busted pocket M79 if you can keep up with the costly ammo.
StormTheOnigiri: i wish it had a special kind of interaction with Cola Nut. like maybe you don't get staggered by the explosions or something
BornBeAwesome: I always thought it was trash.
Mordred_The_Betrayer: Quantum mushroom clouds for the win, fun weapon.
KPx-ke8bg: Thank you so much for the video, i can't wait to try this thing out!
mauno1845: This is more like a fun weapon, been using for a long time in my pistol build and it is fun to use. The downside that i do not like is that nuka grenade dose damage to enemies even threw walls , but this does not. I still think this is a must in pistol build with the AB . One for area damage and the other for single targets.

Jun 07 2024

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